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Benjamin Scott made in Melbourne luxury hand and body lotions, shower and bath products with 24 Karat gold.

Benjamin Scott uses a selection of beautifully scented essential oils and combines them with 24 karat pure gold. Creating a range of luxurious bath and body products.

At the heart of our luscious and lightweight base emulsions are a selection of beautifully combined pure essential oils. Tantalising your sensory array, our scent combinations experienced are of earthly tones, fresh citrus notes, woody and ambery, musky and warm or fresh and invigorating. Taking your olfactory senses on a journey through the landscape of our scents.

Benjamin Scott was established as a boutique brand for making simple yet elegant body products with the luxurious touch of 24 karat gold.

Each scent is designed to create a unique combined skin and sensory experience.