24 Karat Gold Skincare Products

Pure 24 Karat Gold

Quite simply put… yes, we do add real visible pure 24 Karat Gold to our luxury skincare product formulas.

The 24 Karat gold we use is the purest form of gold and one hundred percent food grade.

It is said that gold can do many things. So not only does it give the allure of feeling luxurious to be using it on the skin, it is said to have a wide variety of health benefits too.

For many thousands of years the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Japanese and other cultures have been using gold as a medicinal treatment.

The most researched and Doctor-endorsed use of gold is to alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Other Uses Of Gold

There are also many other uses of gold include the following:

The ions present in gold can help in stimulating the cells, nerves, and veins in your body. This can lead to improved blood circulation. This may also increase the metabolism of skin cells and secretion of the waste. Gold can help to stimulate the cells and have a healthy skin.

Gold is said to have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties that help oxygen to enter into the skin for renewal of the cells. This helps in treating ulcer and other inflammatory disorders of the skin. It is also known to help rejuvenate your skin.

Production of melanin or black pigment in the skin is responsible for tanning of the skin when exposed to sunlight. The production of melanin in the body can be reduced with the use of gold.

Collagen is naturally produced in your body which keeps the body flexible. It is responsible for giving smooth skin and shining hair. The collagen level in the body starts depleting from the age of 25 and this is when you notice the changes on your skin. Skin care with gold can slow down the depletion of collagen level in your skin cells.

Gold can help activate the basal cells of the skin, which increases the elasticity of the skin. It thus reduces wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and marks on the skin, and can even help to make you look younger.

Pure 24 Karat Gold, We just love it because it’s extravagant…

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