Made In Melbourne Australia

Made in Melbourne Australia

Made In Melbourne Australia – Benjamin Scott luxury skincare was established as a boutique brand for making simple yet elegant body products with the luxurious touch of 24 karat gold.

Made in Melbourne Australia, each scent is designed to create a unique combined skin and sensory experience.

The Benjamin Scott scent collections are characterised by both new individuality and timeless classic oil blends combined with quality base materials. So providing respect to your daily beauty routine.

Our scents have evolved from popular European inspiration to become a part of your everyday body routine to help provide your skin with a healthy appearance and evoke your inner beauty and confidence.

Benjamin Scott is a brand built on values. So everything we do we try to be honest, fair and kind. Therefore we work with suppliers of the same core beliefs. So these principles have a real impact on our customers and the people around us.

Made In Melbourne Australia.

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