Benjamin Scott Packaging

Benjamin Scott Packaging

Benjamin Scott Packaging – We want you to be excited about every aspect of purchasing, opening and using our luxury skincare products.

Your unwrapping experience is very important to us. We have included personal touches to help provoke a memorable and lasting customer experience when opening your delivery.

Our Wrapping Process…

A box is selected and our custom branded black tissue is neatly folded in two directions and placed into the empty box with edges overhanging.

Our Benjamin Scott branded ribbon is then placed into the box at this time in preparation for the bow.

Tissue filler is placed into the box and shaped according to the package contents.

Your items are placed carefully into the box. Tissue is folded over the top to secure the items inside and hold them in place.

Branded ribbon is tied into a bow over the top of the folded tissue to secure your package.

We highly value making this a memorable unwraping moment for you. And we hope you enjoy our products.

For your Benjamin Scott packaging experience, select from our product range here.