Our Scent Blends

Our Scent Blends

Our luxury skincare scent blends – Tantalising your sensory array, our scent combinations experienced are of earthly tones, fresh citrus notes, woody and ambery, musky and warm or fresh and invigorating. Taking your olfactory senses on a journey through the landscape of our scents.

Sandalwood, Geranium & Bergamot with 24 Karat Gold

Woody, floral & citrus – This beautiful rich bold scent combines a hint of the woody allure of Sandalwood, together with the captivating classic scent of Geranium and complimented with a hint fresh Bergamot citrus to provide an extreme intense character combination.

Orange, Sandalwood & Frankincense with 24 Karat Gold

Woody, citrus & amber – Trending toward masculine, the aromatic woody and elegant composition of Sandalwood, combined with the ambery subtleness of Frankincense and the sweet fresh notes of Orange complete the unique composition.

Bergamot & Grapefruit with 24 Karat Gold

Citrus & sweet – The vivacity of citrus. Fresh and energetic, this combination of classic Bergamot freshness with a compliment of vibrant sweet Grapefruit tones.

Coconut & Lime with 24 Karat Gold

Citrus & warm – The intense freshness of Lime perfectly complements the warm tropical allure of Coconut to form an enduring classic favourite.

Lemon, Lime & Orange with 24 Karat Gold

Citrus & sweet – A fresh, vibrant and energetic citrus hit of Lemon and Lime with the sweet wholeness of Orange combine their notes for this powerful composition.

Bergamot & Patchouli with 24 Karat Gold

Citrus & earthy – The fragrance is structured around an intense scent of Patchouli with a fresh light citrus twist of Bergamot.

Lavender, Frankincense & Grapefruit with 24 Karat Gold

Flowery, amber & citrus – A heart of timeless flowery Lavender with ambery rich Frankincense and the contrasting freshness of citrus Grapefruit add their notes to this powerful and refined composition.

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