Benjamin Scott Luxury Body Products

Free Sample Rewards Promoting Our Range

Sample product rewards are always a nice surprise and even better when full size. Which is why at Benjamin Scott we like to reward a lot of our passionate customers with free samples when they promote our product on social media or websites.

Please feel free to use our pictures and text to advertise Benjamin Scott Product and packaging and we may be in contact so you can receive a nice surprise in the mail.

About us and the Benjamin Scott product…

Benjamin Scott made in Melbourne luxury hand and body lotions, shower and bath products with 24 Karat gold.

Benjamin Scott uses a selection of beautifully scented essential oils and combines them with 24 karat pure gold. Creating a range of luxurious bath and body products. 

Our scents have evolved from popular European inspiration to become a part of your everyday body routine to help provide your skin with a healthy appearance and evoke your inner beauty and confidence.

Our Scent Blends – Tantalising your sensory array, our scent combinations experienced are of earthly tones, fresh citrus notes, woody and ambery, musky and warm or fresh and invigorating. Take your olfactory senses on a journey through the landscape of our scents.

Our scent combinations created with pure essential oils from around the world are at the heart of the experience. Rich and bold or woody and ambery or fresh and invigorating.

The pureness of visible 24 Karat gold is a luxurious addition to our entire product range. Offering your body a premium luxury experience.

For more information about sample product rewards – contact us.