Refill & Recycle

All our packaging is either recyclable, reusable biodegradable or compostable. We are always looking at ways to do our part toward a better environment.

The bottles we use are glass and other containers are either metal, paper or recyclable plastic.

Please use the below information as a guide when recycling and disposing of or reusing Benjamin Scott luxury skincare packaging.

We provide refills for all our product at a discounted price. These are available on the Benjamin Scott website.

Our mailing boxes and the tissue paper we use is recyclable, as are the glass jars used for our product. The plastic pump mechanism can either be reused when ordering a Benjamin Scott refill product or recycled.

Your order will be packed in recyclable tissue paper/ cardboard and will be wrapped in tissue paper, which we recommend recycling.

When plastic lids are used on our refill and other products, these may be recycled.

When alternative packaging is used such as from Australia post, please see their instructions for the best way to dispose. Alternitively, plastic satchels can be recycled through Australia Post’s partnership with TerraCycle.

Benjamin Scott Luxury Body Lotion and Wash With Real Pure Gold