Alcohol hand sanitiser gel

Alcohol hand sanitiser gel… Today’s environment can be harsh on your immune system. Everywhere you visit can lead to touching virus or germ contaminated surfaces. Because some of these contagions have the ability to last for many hours, it’s always better to have that extra bit of protection which couldContinue Reading

24 Karat Gold Skincare Products

Quite simply put… yes, we do add real visible pure 24 Karat Gold to our luxury skincare product formulas. The 24 Karat gold we use is the purest form of gold and one hundred percent food grade. It is said that gold can do many things. So not only doesContinue Reading

Benjamin Scott Packaging

Benjamin Scott Packaging – We want you to be excited about every aspect of purchasing, opening and using our luxury skincare products. Your unwrapping experience is very important to us. We have included personal touches to help provoke a memorable and lasting customer experience when opening your delivery. Our WrappingContinue Reading

Made In Melbourne Australia

Made In Melbourne Australia – Benjamin Scott luxury skincare was established as a boutique brand for making simple yet elegant body products with the luxurious touch of 24 karat gold. Made in Melbourne Australia, each scent is designed to create a unique combined skin and sensory experience. The Benjamin ScottContinue Reading

Our Scent Blends

Our luxury skincare scent blends – Tantalising your sensory array, our scent combinations experienced are of earthly tones, fresh citrus notes, woody and ambery, musky and warm or fresh and invigorating. Taking your olfactory senses on a journey through the landscape of our scents. Sandalwood, Geranium & Bergamot with 24Continue Reading